it brings new meaning to head over heels (regretnoneofit) wrote in flip__floped,
it brings new meaning to head over heels

woot, flipflop season!

wow. so, my friend (who knows of my slightly obsessive passion for flipflops) told me about this community. and here i am. wow. its summer. meaning flipflops. yay. i <3 flipflops. i (at one time) owned like...27 pairs. most from old navy. but, a lot of them died. *sad* meaning i need to restock my closet. right now i have four. a great place (at least right now) to get cheap and cute ones is the nordstrom rack. they range from like.. 3.90 to 5.90, and have plain, patterened, soft, pooltype, platform, the works. is great. yay. am excited about this whole "community thing". seems fun. yeah, thats it i guess.
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